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Building a Better Tomorrow with Global Group

Global Group Builders is a transformative force in industrial development, boasting a legacy that spans 1500 acres of industrial property, 205 global clients, and a portfolio featuring 11 industrial parks. Under the visionary leadership of Chairman Sanjiv Aurora and Managing Director Manoj Hingorani, the company has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in the construction and development industry.

The extensive 1500 acres of industrial property managed by Global Group Pune not only signifies a substantial physical presence but also underscores their significant impact on the industrial and economic landscape. Their impressive clientele of 205 multinational firms highlights their capability to meet the diverse and rigorous demands of global enterprises. Additionally, their strategic development of eight industrial parks exemplifies their commitment to creating comprehensive ecosystems that foster growth, efficiency, and collaboration.

This introduction sets the stage for a closer examination of Global Group Hinjewadi outstanding history, emphasizing the leadership of Sanjiv Aurora and Manoj Hingorani and showcasing the profound impact of their projects on global industrial development.

Global Inspira: Transforming Hinjewadi’s Skyline

Global Inspira Hinjewadi – Overview

Nestled in the heart of Hinjawedi Phase 2, Pune, Global Inspira by Global Group epitomizes the fusion of luxury, convenience, and sustainable living. Hinjawedi, renowned as Pune’s premier IT hub, is a vibrant locale teeming with innovation and progress. This dynamic neighborhood hosts a plethora of global IT companies, prestigious educational institutions, business centers, top-tier hospitals, upscale hotels, and bustling shopping destinations, establishing itself as a beacon of modern urban living. Amidst this thriving environment, Global Inspira stands out as a residential marvel designed to meet the aspirations of contemporary homebuyers.

Global Inspira is meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled living experience, combining elegant architecture with state-of-the-art amenities. Residents are greeted with a suite of luxurious features, including spacious and well-ventilated apartments, beautifully landscaped gardens, a fully equipped fitness center, and a serene swimming pool.

Inspira Hinjewadi Pune: A Blend of Luxury

Inspira places a strong emphasis on sustainability, incorporating green building practices and energy-efficient solutions to foster a harmonious relationship with the environment.

The strategic location of Global Inspira Phase 2 Pune ensures that essential amenities and workspaces are just a stone’s throw away, making daily commutes effortless and enhancing the overall quality of life. Proximity to major IT parks and business hubs allows residents to strike a perfect work-life balance, while the array of nearby educational and healthcare facilities provides peace of mind for families.

In essence, Global Inspira by Global Group Pune is not just a residence but a gateway to a sophisticated lifestyle, where luxury meets sustainability, and convenience is woven into the fabric of daily life. This project is poised to redefine urban living in Hinjawedi, making it an ideal choice for discerning homebuyers and investors seeking a blend of modernity and comfort.

About Global Group Builders

Global Group Builders is a transformative force in the field of industrial development, boasting a history that spans over 1200 acres of industrial property and caters to 135 global firms. Their impressive portfolio includes eight industrial parks. Led by industry veterans Sanjiv Aurora, the Chairman, and Manoj Hingorani, the Managing Director, Global Group Builders has established itself as a leader in the building and development industry. Their dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every project they undertake, making them a trusted name among home buyers.

Global Inspira Pune: Location and surroundings

Global Inspira Pune is strategically located near Dana Company in Hinjewadi Phase 2, Pune. The project offers exceptional connectivity and is surrounded by key landmarks:

Hinjewadi – Kasarsai Road: 1.7 km

Infotech Park: 3.1 km

Wipro Technologies: 3.5 km

Hinjewadi is known for its pollution-free environment and expansive green spaces. The area is envisioned as a smart, sustainable, and future-ready locale, offering a convenient lifestyle for its residents. The proximity to major IT companies, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities further enhances its appeal.

Exquisite Architectural Marvels: Global Inspira Hinjewadi

Global Inspira Pune offers a variety of unit sizes to cater to diverse needs:

  • Smart 2 BHK: 560 sq. ft.
  • Premium 2 BHK: 940 to 960 sq. ft.
  • Luxury 2 BHK: 690 to 710 sq. ft.
  • Luxury 3 BHK: 1000 to 1040 sq. ft.
  • Grande 3 BHK: 780 to 800 sq. ft.

These units are thoughtfully designed to offer the perfect blend of comfort and style. Whether you are looking for a Apartment of 2 BHK in Hinjewadi or a spacious 3 BHK in Hinjewadi, Global Inspira has options that cater to various preferences and budgets.

Amenities and Facilities: Global Inspira Hinjewadi Pune

Global Inspira by Global Group is equipped with a plethora of amenities designed to cater to every aspect of modern living:

Fitness & Recreation:

  • Yoga/Meditation Zone
    Swimming Pool and Kids Pool
    Jogging Track and Cycle Track
    Table Tennis and Open Air Gymnasium
    Cricket Pitch and Aqua Gym
    Half Basketball Court

Relaxation and Wellness:

  • Spa/Sauna/Steam Room
    Reflexology Path
    Play Lawn and Barbeque Area
    Family Seating Areas and Elderly Seating Alcoves
    Parents Sit Out and Amphitheatre
    Party Garden Lawn and Trellis with Seating Area

Learning and Productivity:

  • Work From Home/Business Centre
    Digital Classroom

Children’s Play and Growth:

  • Children’s Play Area and Kid’s Pool
    Rock Climbing and Kid’s Bicycle Pit Stop
    Half Basketball Court and Children’s Creche

Thoughtful and Sustainable Amenities:

  • EV Charging Point Provision
    Pet Park (Pet-friendly area)
    Car Wash Area
    Family Zone and Home Theatre
    Indoor Play Area

Grand Clubhouse:

  • State-of-the-art gymnasiums
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Children’s creches


  • Global Inspira redefines hospitality with first-of-its-kind guest rooms within the residential towers, ensuring comfortable and convenient stays for visiting family and friends. This thoughtful feature makes spontaneous visits and seamless hosting possible, creating lasting memories within the comfort of home.

Lifestyle at Global Inspira, Pune

One Step Ahead to Feel Your Awesome Life

Living at Global Inspira Pune means embracing an elevated lifestyle. The apartments are designed to offer enhanced privacy and luxury, making them an ideal choice for those who value both comfort and convenience. With thoughtfully designed interiors and a focus on modern amenities, these homes cater to every element of your life, ensuring a seamless living experience.

Experience the Unveiling of a Refreshed Lifestyle
Imagine waking up to a world where every convenience is at your fingertips, where innovation and nature merge in perfect harmony. At Global Inspira, every day feels like a page from a carefully crafted story. It’s not just a lifestyle upgrade; it’s an inspired way of living where routines are transformed into experiences and conversations become enlightening.

Global Inspira Hinjewadi: Sustainability and green spaces
Experience Nature

Global Inspira Pune offers residents a unique opportunity to live amidst abundant greenery. With hills in your backyard and expansive green spaces, the project brings nature to your doorstep. Imagine living in a city home that breathes new life into every day, providing a serene and natural ambiance. The commitment to sustainability and green living is evident in every aspect of the project, making it a haven for those who appreciate nature.

Global Inspira Hinjewadi Phase 2, Pune: Investment and Real Estate Opportunities

In Hinjewadi Phase 2, Global Inspira has garnered significant interest from end-users and investors due to its potential for better appreciation and return on investment. Here are some key factors driving this interest:

Rapid Infrastructure Development: Prices in Hinjewadi Phase 2 are keeping pace with Phase 1, thanks to ongoing infrastructure development and planning.

Metro Connectivity: The high demand for Global Inspira Hinjewadi Phase 2 is fueled by its proximity to the metro, making commuting easier.

Proximity to Schools: The presence of top international schools nearby attracts buyers looking for quality education for their children.

Health Facilities and Recreation Centers: Close proximity to healthcare facilities and recreational amenities adds to the appeal of Hinjewadi Phase 2.

Green Living: Global Inspira Hinjewadi Phase 2  is surrounded by nature, improving the air quality index and offering a greener living experience.

Excellent Connectivity: With seamless connectivity to the Mumbai expressway and upcoming ring roads, commuting to Hinjewadi Phase 2 is hassle-free.

Global Inspira Pune: Sustainability Initiatives

Global Inspira’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its design and facilities. The project incorporates several eco-friendly features, such as:

  • EV charging points
  • Solar panels for common areas
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Waste management systems

These initiatives not only reduce the environmental footprint of Global Inspira Hinjewadi Pune but also promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for its residents.

What is good in Global Inspira Pune?

The Revolution in Building Construction Technology

Global Inspira employs Alu-Form technology, known for producing speedy, accurate, and highly consistent casting of concrete structures. This integrated system merges wall and slab panels into a seamless unit, resulting in superior resilience and durability.

Advantages of Alu-Form Technology:

  • Speed: Faster construction leading to quicker project completion.
    Quality: Superior concrete finishing and dimensional accuracy.
    Durability: Reduction in joints results in better resilience to wear and tear.
    Eco-Friendly: Reusable construction material and reduced debris, promoting low wastage and effective resource use.
    Green Technology: Eliminates the use of wood, supporting sustainable construction practices.

Inspira Hinjewadi offers a host of facilities at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for families. The society is well-equipped with amenities that cater to all age groups, ensuring a comfortable and secure living environment. The location is peaceful, and residents feel safe within the apartment complex, making it an ideal place to call home.


As pioneers of sustainable construction practices and advanced technologies, Global Inspira envisions a future where progress, efficiency, and positive impact converge seamlessly. At Inspira Pune, we remain steadfast in our commitment to leading the way toward a brighter future for construction worldwide. With innovation as our compass and sustainability as our guiding principle, we are poised to continue shaping the landscape of construction for generations to come.

In conclusion, the Global Inspira by Global Group’s visionary approach has transformed Hinjewadi  skyline, offering residents a luxurious and integrated living experience. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and community living, Global Group’s projects redefine modern living standards. Whether you are looking for a Apartments of 2 BHK in Hinjewadi or a spacious 3 BHK in Hinjewadi, Global Inspira Hinjewadi Pune is the perfect choice for those seeking a balanced and enriching lifestyle.

Join us as we embark on this journey towards a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow. Explore Global Inspira Pune today and experience the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in the heart of Pune’s IT hub.

Inspira Hinjewadi - Unit Layouts & Prices

Unit Layouts


  • Carpet Area

    570 Sq. Ft

  • Price

    61 LAC* All Inclusive


  • Carpet Area

    727 Sq. Ft

  • Price

    78 LAC* All Inclusive


  • Carpet Area

    820 Sq. Ft

  • Price

    88 LAC* All Inclusive


  • Carpet Area

    993 Sq. Ft

  • Price

    1.09 CR* All Inclusive


  • Carpet Area

    1093 Sq. Ft

  • Price

    1.18 CR* All Inclusive


• Upcoming Metro Station-1 km
• Railway station-27 kms
• Pune Airport – 31 kms
• IT & ITES companies – nearby

• Ruby Hall Clinic-5 km
• Life Point Hospital-7.5 km
• City Care Hospital-5 km
• Swami Samarth Hospital- 6 km
• Surya Mother and Child Hospital-8 km

• Grand Highstreet-3.8 km
• Dmart Hinjewadi- 5.4 km
• Xion Mall- 5.4 km
• Vision One Mall-7.3 km
• Reliance Smart Point- 5.8 km
• Phoenix Marketcity- 8.2 km

• Grand Tamanna-1.5 km
• Hyatt Place- 5.5 km
• IBIS-2.8 km
• Lemon tree- 5.5 km
• Vivanta -5.5km
• Courtyard by Marriott-6 km
• Sayaji- 8 km

• Ryan International School-1.2 KM
• Vibgyor School-3.8 km
• Mercedes Benz International School-5.8 km
•Blue Ridge School-7 km
• Euro School- 6 km
• Akshara International School-6.5 km
• Pawar Public School-3.5 km
• Symbiosis College-5.5 km

• ICICI Bank
• HDFC Bank
• Kotak Mahindra Bank
• Axis Bank

Global Inspira - Amenities

Global Inspira Amenities
Global Inspira Amenities
Global Inspira Amenities
Global Inspira Amenities
Global Inspira Amenities
Global Inspira Garden Area
Global Inspira Amenities
Global Inspira Entrace Gate

Inspira Location Map

Global Inspira Hinjewadi

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    Global Inspira FAQs

    What makes Global Inspira a standout residential project in Hinjawadi Phase 2, Pune?

    Global Inspira stands out due to its strategic location, luxurious amenities, and sustainable living practices. It's situated in Pune’s premier IT hub and offers residents convenience, elegance, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Who are the key leaders behind Global Group Builders?

    Global Group Builders is led by Sanjiv Aurora, the Chairman, and Manoj Hingorani, the Managing Director. They bring extensive experience and a commitment to quality and innovation in the construction industry.

    What types of apartments are available at Global Inspira Hinjewadi Phase 2?

    Global Inspira Hinjewadi offers a variety of unit sizes, including Smart (560 sq. ft.), Premium (940 to 960 sq. ft.), Luxury 2 BHK (690 to 710 sq. ft.), Luxury 3 BHK (1000 to 1040 sq. ft.), and Grande (780 to 800 sq. ft.) apartments.

    What amenities can residents expect at Global Inspira Pune?

    Residents can enjoy a range of amenities such as swimming pools, yoga/meditation zones, jogging tracks, spas, play lawns, business centers, digital classrooms, dedicated play areas for children, EV charging points, and more.

    How does Global Inspira emphasize sustainability?

    Global Inspira Hinjewadi Pune incorporates green building practices, energy-efficient solutions, solar panels for common areas, rainwater harvesting systems, waste management systems, and EV charging points to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

    What educational and healthcare facilities are near Inspira?

    The project is in proximity to major educational institutions and healthcare facilities, providing peace of mind for families and ensuring easy access to quality education and medical care.

    How does Global Inspira enhance the quality of life for its residents?

    Its strategic location near IT parks and business hubs ensures effortless commutes, while the luxurious amenities and green spaces offer a serene and convenient living environment.

    Why is Hinjawadi Phase 2 considered a prime location for real estate investment?

    Hinjawadi Phase 2 is rapidly developing, with excellent connectivity, proximity to the metro, top international schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational amenities. This makes it an attractive location for homebuyers and investors.

    What are some of the unique features of Global Inspira’s clubhouse?

    The clubhouse includes state-of-the-art gymnasiums, multi-purpose halls, children’s crèches, guest rooms for visitors, and other facilities that support fitness, social activities, and hospitality.

    How does Inspira cater to the needs of modern homebuyers?

    By offering a range of well-designed apartments, modern amenities, sustainable living practices, and a prime location, Inspira caters to the diverse needs and preferences of contemporary homebuyers, providing a balanced and enriching lifestyle.